Sunday, 30 May 2010

Green Thumb Cards

As a child, I played many games. I don't play as much now as I never have the time but it's always been a favourite activity of mine. Back in the day (yes I don't care how old I sound) a good game to play was this little garden card game (allbeit on the computer) called Green Thumb Cards. You drew cards and try to make your garden the best one. This is a very old game. But I remember it being good. I searched online and found a site that lets you download it. Unfortunately i'm having a bit of trouble installing it but I hope I can fix that. I wish there was gameplay for me to show you but as simple as the game sounds (and possibly boring) it's actually very addictive!

This is what the description from the website says:

"Collect sets of beautiful roses, irises, tomatoes, daffodils, corn, and lilies. Steal plants from your neighbor's garden with earwigs, aphids, caterpillars. Defend your own garden with a green house and bug spray. The player with the most sets wins. Have great family fun with these cute, garden graphics and entertaining sound effects. It is great for all ages and quite challenging. "

This is such a gay little game but I love it. I love reminiscing about the games I used to play. Retro games are always a winner! I know none of my followers will read this or be in the slightest bit interested (as most are all beauty based) but I hope someone stumbles across this and it puts a smile on your face. Let me know if you remember this game too!


  1. I thought it was lovely! I like your blog because it has a nice mix of your life and reviews. I've been trying to find game that we used to have on our computer but I can't find it, I'm not even sure if it actually existed!

  2. @Hazel Mae_x
    Oh? What was the game like?

  3. i love this game too! i wish it would work on the new windows!

  4. I loved this game, too! I was just now searching for it to play again when I found your blog. Old, simple games are so much more enjoyable... Thanks! :-)

  5. where can i download it from? i played it in my childhood too!!!!!!!!

  6. If you click on the link it should take you to the page. However, I think you have to find a code for it to work or something. And when it DOES work, I think you only get 14 plays! :(

  7. i remember this game and i loved it! :D
    i found it (the demo version) more than 10 years ago in a cd full of minigames i bought in a newsstand.
    some years after i found also a crack :D
    now, so many years after i'm here just cause i'm looking for it. i want to play it one more time ^^

  8. ohhh ich love this game too!!!
    but how can i get it??? i could only play the demo version...
    can somebody help me? maybe somebody got the key for it?

  9. I'm struggling to locate this game, too. It's like it dropped off the face of the internet! =(

  10. Ha! Success.

    I haven't scanned either of these files for viruses yet, but two versions of the game are available here. Presumably they are both trial locked versions.

  11. Hi Miykia,

    I can't install it on my computer as I get an error. Have you been able to install it?

    // Maria



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